RSAC encourages clients to have a voice throughout their healing process. 

We offer accompaniment to health, justice, legal, and/or social services appointments

Our team can connect individuals to local resources such as pro bono legal aid, medical services, etc. 

Trained advocates on our team can accompany individuals in difficult processes such as police reporting, and/or hospital visits 

We regret to inform you that we have a counselling waitlist of approximately 8 months.  Please call our office to discuss this wait time, add your name to our list or receive information about other options, including our Friday psycho-educational groups.

Please do not let this discourage you!  You are reaching out for help and we want to provide you with as much support as we can at this time.  We have a 24-hour crisis line that honours confidentiality. If you ever find yourself having a moment, please do not hesitate to give the line a call. We have trained advocates on the line at all times to help you. You can call 306-352-0434 or toll free 1-844-952-0434.

​24 hours a day.

Read about the work we do in our community.



Regina Sexual Assault Centre


RSAC works closely with the community to create personalized educational workshops that meet the needs of the specific group. RSAC staff regularly develop and deliver presentations on:

- the historical and cultural context of sexual violence

- statistics

- neurobiology of trauma

- impacts and indicators of sexual violence trauma

- reporting and communication skills

Please contact our office if you are looking for a presentation for your group.

KOTB is a children's puppet-based educational program that provides age appropriate conversation about violence prevention.
Key components of the grades PreK-5 presentation include safety, bullying, and abuse prevention
Youth programs (grades 5-8) focus on personal boundaries, healthy relationships, legal age of consent, gender roles and “sexting” 

This 2-day workshop is beneficial to those who are working with individuals who may be impacted by sexual violence. Course content includes defining sexual violence, appropriate communication skills, legal consent, duty to report, trauma symptoms associated with sexual violence, and more.

Need someone to talk to? Call for free inclusive 24-hour support.   306-352-0434

All counselling and advocacy services offered by the Regina Sexual Assault Centre are free of charge. 



First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse ™ 


 RSAC offers free, confidential, clinical services to anyone age 5+ who is coping with sexual or intimate partner violence, as well as friends and family of survivors

Our team of counsellors are trained professionals with Master's level education

Clinical services are offered in the form of individual, family and/or group therapy and follow trauma-informed practices

 Our services are informed by a client centered, multi model, collaborative approach
 Individuals with transportation barriers may be eligible for over-the-phone and online counselling