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It is truly amazing to see how puppets can engage kids and be such good "teachers".  They contribute to a safe and open environment that allows children to engage in conversations about vitally important topics.  

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Our Bullying presentation is for children ages 7-11 years. It focuses on different types of bullying, the roles kids play in the bullying story, what bystanders can do to help targets of bullying and who kids can talk to if they need help.

Kids on the Block is an international puppet-based program that educates children about personal safety and diversity.

Kids on the Block Regina (KOTB) was established in 2014 by the Regina Sexual Assault Centre because education and skills development in the early years are key factors in the prevention of abuse, sexual assault and interpersonal violence. Our program is delivered at no cost to schools and community-based organizations.

Kids on the Block Regina has been developed in consultation with a number of agencies, including the Ministry of Justice, Regina Police Service, Ministry of Social Services, Regina Public Schools and Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region.  

Our program is funded by the Ministry of Justice, City of Regina and the Community Initiatives Fund.

The community response during our first year (2015) was outstanding; the Coordinator and trained volunteers delivered presentations which reached 2,264 children.

2016/2017 saw amazing growth.  The program reached over 4,000 children; a huge increase from the previous year.

Educators are recognizing the need for violence and abuse prevention education in schools and we are privileged to be a part of that movement.

Please see here for our latest Year End Report.

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Kids on the Block is pleased to be bringing Tad Milmine (Bullying Ends Here) to Regina on October 22-24, 2018.

​This is his highly personal story, with messages of hope and resilience for youth.  The presentation is free of charge for Regina students.  Contact us at for more information.

​Click here to learn more about Tad.

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abuse prevention

Our Abuse Prevention presentation is for children ages 8-11.  This presentation gives an overview of all types of abuse, reinforces it is never a child's fault, teaches awareness of instincts and how to say NO to unsafe situations.


Our Safety presentation is for children ages 5-8.  This presentation focuses on teaching children about instincts, how to say NO to unsafe situations and who they can talk to when they need help.