All services offered by the Regina Sexual Assault Centre are free.  In 2018-2019, we provided 1,500 hours of clinical counselling, answered 360 calls to our crisis line and delivered over 300 hours of education in our community. Please help us continue the work we do and consider donating through one of the portals below.  Thank you!

Our mission at Regina Sexual Assault Centre (RSAC) is to empower our clients, and connect them to local resources that are accessible, and assist in their journey of overcoming sexual and intimate partner violence. We are an inclusive, non-profit organization of trained counsellors and advocates who are dedicated to helping reduce the trauma of interrelationship violence and sexual assault. Our vision is to reduce the risk of abusive behaviour and sexual violence through education, prevention and support in our community. We value confidentiality, professionalism, inclusiveness, respect, compassion, and qualified service.


1 in 3 females experience sexual violence.
Are you a victim of a recent sexual assault?
This was NOT your fault. The perpetrator is the only one responsible for committing this crime.
You have the right to medical care: try not to shower, go to the washroom, eat, drink, or change your clothes if you wish to have evidence collected.
Even if you do not want a forensic exam, please consider treatment for STI's, possible pregnancy, and/or physical injuries. 
Seek personal support from non-judgemental friends and family.
Seek professional support from your local sexual assault centre or mental health professional. 
Sexual assault is a crime; you can report to any police station. There is no statute of limitations on reporting this crime; you can report it today or years from now. Contact your local police service or discuss reporting options with your local sexual assault centre. 

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This amazing design was hand-drawn for RSAC by Canadian artist, Tim McEvenue and has been screen-printed onto a soft cotton T.  Available in a fitted v-neck or looser fitting crew neck, it is $40 and available by emailing us at



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We believe education is an essential tool in reducing sexual violence within our community. We believe that through education we can: 

​challenge myths about sexual violence

helps raise awareness about consent

teach others how to prevent and recognize signs of sexual violence​.

Need someone to talk to? Call for free inclusive 24-hour support. 306-352-0434

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1 in 5 males experience sexual violence.

Before the age of 18.